Mazunte, Oaxaca. Mexico

Intensive Spanish Program

Mazunte, Oaxaca

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Semi-Private Course (10 hours per week)

2 hours Semi-intensive Spanish lessons per day. Two students per one teacher (M-F).  This course is offered for all levels. Price: $80 USD/week

Private Course (10 hours per week)

2 hours of Intensive Spanish lessons per person per day (M-F).
This course is offered for all levels of spanish.  Price: $140 USD/week


Room in site: $14 USD per day/person


Registration Fee $50 USD/year



The MAZUNTE is a village located on the Pacific Ocean coast of the state of Oaxaca, located 264 km from the Oaxacan capital.

If you are a lover of ecological sites, sustainable and friendly to the environment, then you should visit Mazunte, which is a charming magical town on the coast of the state of Oaxaca


The Mazunte is located 56.8 km from Huatulco by the Federal Highway 200, if you travel by plane you must arrive is to the airport of Puerto Escondido and take a taxi to the south on the road 200.

This village combines the natural beauty of its beaches with the rainforest, a picturesque setting, fascinating gastronomy and a common goal, preserving the flora and fauna through conservation programs mainly of sea turtles, as well as the Elaboration of natural products with which its inhabitants promote the Sustainable Development.


Mazunte, "Pueblo Magico ", is known for its amazing beaches of golden sand and emerald water that at first glance are a delight. Each with a charm that makes them simply irresistible, the main one concentrates most of the restaurants, bars and hotels and on one side a smaller bay-shaped surrounded by a small cliff full of palm Trees. You can't fail to visit "Punta Comet " or "Cerro Sagrado" which is the most salient mountain in the Pacific Ocean at the end of the Beach. In it you can visit the "Ceremonial Center " in which rituals are carried out with "healers " and admire the breathtaking Sunsets.


"El Mazunte " as it is known worldwide, it owes its name to a red and blue crab that inhabits the place, but it is also possible that it comes from Nahuatl dialect means "let me see you spawn" and refers to the beaches being nesting site of the Marin Turtles As and from there it follows the history of the Population. It is known since the Sixties that the Virgin beaches of Mazunte are visited by hundreds of turtles of the Ridley species that spawned at night in certain lunar Stages. This natural phenomenon is known as  "homesick ".


The area currently enjoys a tourist boom attracting the interest of visitors who seek different experiences. It is the only community in the region that has internal construction regulations, which promotes buildings that alternate with the surrounding nature; So the rustic architecture stays in direct contact with Nature.

Humpback whale migrations can be seen between the months of December and March using as a route and geomagnetic reference to "Punta Comet ". Appreciating the passage of this species poses no risk to people or whales. You can also see the migration of flocks of pelicans romping in capricious forms in the Sky.

As a salient point is a shortcut in its route for all types of boats, it is possible to observe large boats furrowing only 500 meters from the Coast. It is also possible to appreciate the natural cosmetics factory in which its inhabitants manufacture products such as palm oil, bath gel, bee balms, Coconut oil and soaps, which represent a pro-environment development project that does not alter the balance Ecological Consuming these products helps families and forms part of the Sustainable Project.


Within the activities that you can do in Mazunte, you will find the ecological walks, that invite you to know the flora and fauna of the place through the zone of mangrove, the tours by boat or yacht for the whale watching and the release of turtles , a wonderful experience that you must Live.


Lodging options are very varied, you can camp in the Ecotourism center  "La window" or stay at  "Zoa Hotel " A highly qualified place for tourists, also "Casa de Miel", "OceanoMar" and "El Copal".


Food: the varieties of seafood are the option and in terms of restaurants, the most recommended are:  "Alessandro ",  "Siddhartha ",  "la Cuisine ",  "La Empanada " and "Ek Balam Grill terramare ".