Cancún, Quintana Roo. SUN & FUN LEARNING Intensive Spanish Program IN THE MEXICAN CARIBBEAN.



Take your next vacation in Cancun. This program is open all year round.


Cancùn, México


Cancun has incredible natural beauty and endless entertainment options. This beautiful space is one of the most visited and exclusive natural "spa" in the Mexican Caribbean. Millions of families, couples, families and even those who venture to travel alone choose this destination to take the vacation of their dreams.


What to do in Cancun?


The main attraction of Cancun are its majestic beaches. The region is made up of 17 kilometers of white sand and bright turquoise blue water. Its coastline is composed of an infinite and spectacular marine life: a great treasure for lovers of snorkeling and diving. For lovers of drinks and gastronomy: Cancun has an endless number of hotels in the region with first class restaurants of Mexican and international food, as well as fast food options and nightclubs and bars where you can taste the best and most authentic Tequila and other regional drinks. The nightlife in Cancun is recognized worldwide: its unique parties, great shows and delicious drinks give visitors one more alternative to enjoy their stay and live magical experiences in this beautiful place. As if all this were not enough, Cancun is the headquarters of imposing archaeological pieces where travelers can venture out and learn about the ancient history of this place. The ruins of Chichen Itza and Tulum are something you won't miss, as each of them is material evidence of a dynamic culture from more than two thousand years ago. There are very few places in the world that have such a great diversity of activities to do as in Cancun. Luxury, ecotourism, sports, gastronomy, entertainment and history merge in one place. In addition, Cancun is also recognized for its high standard of security, so that its visitors can enjoy their vacation fully.


Where is Cancun located?


Cancun is located in the northeast corner of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. This city is located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea at 11 meters above sea level, at 21.17 degrees latitude and at -86.85 longitude.


How to get to Cancun?


There are several options available for travelers who wish to reach Cancun. For those coming from the United States, Canada and Europe, the most convenient option is to arrive by plane. Cancun International Airport offers inbound and outbound flights to a host of airports around the world, making getting to Cancun much easier, even from far away international locations. Cancun is also home to a huge natural harbor and is the destination for a large number of cruise ships from all over the world. If you're looking for cruise options near you, you can schedule a visit to the region by boat.


How to get around in Cancun?


Getting around cancun is very easy thanks to the different transport options and the convenient concentration.


What is the weather like in Cancun? and what is the best season to visit Cancun?


Cancun enjoys a privileged warm climate throughout the year, because being located near the Equator in a tropical climate you can enjoy sunny days and pleasant temperatures at any time of the year. However, the weather can be affected during the summer by gusts of increased humidity and occasional heavy rainfall. On the other hand, the summer season in Cancun can also be more affordable in terms of hotel and flight rates. The spring, winter and autumn seasons – although they boast better weather – are also much more expensive. Cancun and the Treasures of the Caribbean Recognized worldwide, Cancun is more than going to visit beaches. It is the main gateway to the Mexican Caribbean, making this splendid place many destinations in one, since it is the ideal starting point to explore the coasts from north to south of this holiday area. The beautiful Cancun region also has a number of lovely islands, and close enough to be able to take memorable day trips, though each is so unique that it's well worth spending more time on them. Together, Cancun and these treasures of the Mexican Caribbean, offer their visitors numerous attractions in a relatively small area, from crystal clear turquoise waters and shimmering white sand, to the Mayan ruins that will leave them breathless; exotic wildlife; its colonial gems and the traditional hospitality of indigenous communities.


Playa del Carmen


Located 45 minutes south of Cancun airport, is the coastal city of "Playa del Carmen", the fastest growing destination in the state of Quintana Roo. Just a few years ago, this former fishing village served merely as a springboard for tourists to board the ferry to Cozumel. But as more and more travelers, whose intention was to take the ferry, remained in this city to enjoy its Caribbean beaches and rustic charm, Playa del Carmen became a vacation destination in its own right. "Playa," as locals call it, is growing by leaps and bounds, with an increasing number of travelers visiting it each year from the United States, Canada and Europe. Its main street, Fifth Avenue is flanked by a variety of shops and restaurants right on the sidewalk. Yucatan specialties are available at Yaxche, on Calle 8, off Fifth Avenue. "The Glass Bar# (on Fifth Avenue, between 12th and 14th Streets) serves delicious Italian dishes and is one of the best wine cellars that adorn the shores of the Riviera Maya. Nightlife is plentiful in the "Sky Lounge", located on the highest floor of the "In Fashion", a boutique hotel; and in the street-level bar of the Hotel Reina Roja, popular for its dazzling neon lights, as well as in Deseo, Blue Parrot, and La Bodeguita del Medio. As for ecotourism, Playa del Carmen offers expeditions to its nearby attractions, including snorkeling in nearby cenotes (natural pools or sinkholes) and visits to Mayan communities.


The Program


In  Cancùn we offer you Spanish classes which are fun and very relaxed with the nicest Mexican Caribbean weather. Instruction is offered all year round by qualified native teachers.


Classes start on any day of the week in smalls groups of a maximum of 6 people. Teacher goes to your apartment, condo or hotel to give you instruction or in your favourite restaurant... even on the beach !


The Regular Program (3 hours daily) includes daily:


* 3 hours - Spanish classes in a group or privately. Intensive grammar class with emphasis on speaking and writing.


- Functional class (for beginners)

- Role-playing situations of every day life.
- Vocabulary expansion and other aspects of the language.
- Conversation classes on current events while visiting places of interest during the week.

Advantages in this program:

* One-on-one lessons or small groups (average of 3 people)
* Entertaining class atmosphere
* Easy learning interacting with classmates (your partner or family can attend the same class)
* Very economical and safe program


For accommodations, we suggest and 



Cancun Spanish Program

2022 Prices per person in USD


Tuition per week per person


5 hours per day $550

4 hours per day $400 

3 hours per day $300


Family Program: 2 hours per day (M-F) 

Special price: $900 USD/week (for 6 people maximum).


No Enrollment fee!


2022 Dates


The program is open all year round and classes normally start on Mondays. If you plan to take advantage of your time you may start any day of the week. We suggest to arrive to Cancun in the Winter between November and February it is necessary to enroll at least 3 weeks prior your arrival online. Or if you are already in Cancun and want to take lessons send us a message via WhatsApp +52 (777) 8050402


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