The Weather in Cuernavaca, Morelos

Cuernavaca Weather



The year's average temperature is 69° F (21° Celsius.)  Rainy season starts at the end of May but only rains at night!!


If you come between May and November you will have the opportunity to watch a beautiful green countryside; the dry season begins on December and finishes on April. The warmest months here in Cuernavaca are April, May and June. Temperature reaches the 90°s F degrees.

What to bring and wear. At school is not necessary to dress uniform or formally. If you are coming during rainy season, bring an umbrella and a raining jacket. For wintertime a light jacket or a sweater is fine. Jeans are very popular downhere... If you plan to go out at night for dinner or dancing wear formally, this is very well appreciated by Mexicans. For women: If you plan to visit a church during excursions or free time, dress jeans or skirts.

Cuernavaca has been called "the City of the Eternal Spring" due to its semitropical climate (average 70-75º F.)  This Pre-Hispanic city named "Cuauhnahuac" by the natives was conquered by Cortez in 1523. Is one of the oldest cities in the American Continent. It is a beautiful evergreen place home of hundreds of celebrities.

The city maintains its own colonial architecture such as Cortez Palace and the Cathedral. Situated only 45 minutes far from Mexico City and 1 hr and a half from Mexico City's International Airport makes it easy to travel there to visit museums and cultural places without staying in the big city.

The climate of Cuernavaca is unique. The weather becomes warmer in April and May (may reach 90° F.) In the dry season from November to April we enjoy warm mornings and cool nights (68-70° F.) December and January are the coolest months of the year (no less than 65° F.) During summer time (August specially) rains in the evenings and nights.

Cuernavaca has a fluctuating population of 350,000 inhabitants.


About Cuernavaca


In a clear day during Winter time when this picture was taken (Jan 21st at 12:00 noon)it is possible to see the "Popo" volcano (right) and the "Izta" (left) from Cuernavaca's downtown.