Huatulco Bays Spanish Course for Adults 


Talking about Huatulco is to evoke the beauty of its nine bays, which house 36 paradise beaches shrouded by lush vegetation, bathed by crystal clear waters and by a sun that has decided to live in the place most of the year. Bahías de Huatulco offers natural settings and invites you to carry out alternative tourism activities, extreme sport and ecotourism.


With the imposing Sierra Madre del Sur as a backdrop, its 36 beaches create this paradise isolated from the rest of the world by 21,000 hectares of lush vegetation.

In all Huatulco you can do endless activities such as: river descent, water sports, motorcycle and horseback tours, etc. but if you like to relax, the best thing you can do is visit the majestic 18-hole golf course, located in the middle of an atmosphere totally natural, which, has lakes, sand traps and the 15th hole on the seashore, making it one of the best courses in all of Mexico.


Huatulco is also a land of music festivals and international events such as: the International Music of the Sea Festival, the Music for the Earth and the Huatulco Half Ironman Triathlon.

Bahías de Huatulco:


- Bahía de Santa Cruz
- Bahía de Chahué
- Bahía Chachacual
- Bahía Cacaluta
- Bahía Conejos
- Bahía de Maguey
- Bahía de Órgano
- Bahía de Tangolunda
- Bahía de San Agustín


Other activities:


Punta Celeste

Punta Celeste is an archaeological area located 1 km from Huatulco, within the Botazoo ecological park, very close to the sea and the Copalita river this is known to be an unspoilt place in terms of exploration. This archaeological area offers a great jungle landscape which, still keeps the magic and secrets of the Zapoteco ancestors. 


Copalitilla Magic Waterfalls

To coexist with nature The Magic Waterfalls of Copalitilla are ideal, in this wonderful place you can carry out various recreational activities such as: Walk, swimming through the natural pools, and above all to appreciate the flora and fauna of the region . In addition to living with nature you can enjoy the crystal clear waters, taking a rich swim in the area.


Romantic Cruise

For those couples who wish to end the day with a romantic walk, this is the right option, where they can tour the famous bays of Huatulco at sunset, on board you can enjoy delicious drinks, let yourself be pampered by the fresh marina. 


Turtle Museum

Visiting The Turtle Museum is an opportunity that you can not miss, this place offers its visitors a complete aquarium of marine life, besides that it functions as a breeding ground, performing the turtle festival, here you live an unforgettable experience since the visitors can take the turtles and deposit them at sea.

Santa Maria de Huatulco

In Huatulco you can not only enjoy the adventures that its attractions offer, but calm walks in its clean streets and with people who offer human warmth. One of the places that attract the most attention, is Santa María de Huatulco, the municipal head, where you can appreciate and visit its church one of its cultural attractions.


Descent in Rio in Huatulco

Enjoy a holiday full of excitement in Huatulco, who love extreme adventures this tour can be the ideal choice, people will be able to choose to do it in canoes, kayaks or rafts, You can enjoy the river descent of all levels, so so both beginners as experts in this activity can have a good time in this destination of Mexico.


Huatulco Bays National Park

The Bahías de Huatulco National Park, located on the coasts of Oaxaca, has elements of great importance for the conservation of nature, where you can observe the same riding or walking, always accompanied by a guide, The park is protected by its resources you will find it in the Municipality of Santa María Huatulco west of Santa Cruz.



Crucecita is located in the center of the Bays of Huatulco, here tourists meet to enjoy a pleasant day, either with family or with friends, who can delight in the typical food of the region, in addition to resting at sunset in their her mosa plaza, the main one of Huatulco. La Crucecita is surrounded by the church, handicraft shops, boutiques and restaurants.




Make a difference in attitude when you meet people from other Spanish-speaking countries. Using another language helps you to break down barriers.

For work and business

Give an added advantage in your career if you work for an international firm across Latin America or a company with Spanish customers or contacts.
Music, film, arts and culture

If you like to read, watch films or listen to music in Spanish, learning the language will help your appreciation and understanding of the language with our comprehension readings. Participate in our cultural day trips and get involve with the Mexican culture.
A challenge

You can learn a language in short sessions and you'll enjoy a sense of satisfaction from achieving short-term goals, such as learning how to say hello in Spanish, introducing yourself or numbers buying in local markets or talk with a doctor


One-on-one Spanish


-More attention from your tutor and more opportunities to speak.
-You will speak Spanish from the first day.
-More opportunities to get to know new people.
-Flexibility in your learning
-All material are included in the price. Apart from a notebook and a pen.
-You will always be guided by native tutors.
-You can enjoy our Mexican films in Spanish.
-We organize interviews with locals to practice your Spanish.



Two hours every day Monday - Friday

Schedule: 9:00 am - 11:00 am

· 1 hour for practical grammar
· 1 hour for practical conversation



1 Week ....$128 USD
2 Weeks ...$256
3 Weeks ...$384



1 Week   $166
2 Weeks $332
3 Weeks $498




Three hours every day Monday - Friday


Schedule: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

·         1 hour for practical grammar
·         1 hour for building vocabulary
·         1 hour for practical conversation

PRICES FOR 2020 & 2021 year


1 Week ...$166
2 Weeks ..$328
3 Weeks ..$459



1 Week   $215
2 Weeks $378
3 Weeks $520


Registration fee $100 USD


Tour & Spanish

Traveling it's amazing no matter where you go but if you include in your trip learning Spanish, Fun and learning will be endless:
1st Day
Llano Grande, waterfall: A refresing trip with cristal water, good food and Lots of conversation in Spanish.

2nd Day
Huatulco's life
A sightseen tour around Huatulco to visit La Bocana, Monte de Dios, La Entrega beach, Santa Cruz Bay.

3rd Day
City Tour, a wlaking tour to visit The church, the handcraft market and a taste of mezcal.

4th Day
Copality to see the ancient pyramids and see the flora & fauna of its place.

5th Day
Pluma Hidalgo a place to taste coffee, walk around the village and talk with locals.




Huatulco - Intensive Spanish Program

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