What are the most beautiful beaches in Mazatlan?


Although all the beaches on this list are very beautiful, there are some more visited than others, especially those with intense blue waters. The following is a selection that we consider can fit the classification of the most beautiful beaches in Mazatlán: 


1. High Waves

2. Playa Cerritos

3. Gaviotas Beach

4. Barra de Piaxtla Beach

5. Sábalo Beach

6. Isla de Piedras Beach.


What can you do on the beaches of Mazatlan?


The list of activities to do on the beaches of Mazatlan is extensive. We will list it for your convenience.


1. Camping

2. Picnic

3. Stroll along boardwalks

4. Observe sunsets

5. Practice water sports

6. Taste the delights of gastronomy in the many restaurants of the Golden Zone

7. Ride on sailboats, paragliders and bananas

8. Visit the Faculty of Marine Sciences and La Casa del Marino

9. Know all the attractions of the Golden Zone of Mazatlan (restaurants, bars, hotels, supermarkets, shops, among other places)


10. See up close volcanic rocks that the Aztecs carved in past centuries.


Beaches of Mazatlan turquoise blue


any beaches of Mazatlan have waters of a beautiful blue hue, but between June and July and due to the rainy season to the sea currents, the coasts gain for 30 days a turquoise tone that equals the waters of the Mexican Caribbean. Beaches near Mazatlán Mazatlan has beaches nearby that are worth visiting. Take advantage of your trip and visit Playa Cerritos, Playa Gaviotas, Playa Los Pinos, Playa Olas Altas and Playa Sábalos. Main beaches of Mazatlan Cerritos Beach, Olas Altas Beach, North Beach, Sábalo Beach, Gaviotas Beach and Isla de Piedras Beach. We are sure that you liked it and you will share with your friends this article about Mazatlan Sinaloa Beaches. Dare to know the 13 best beaches in Mazatlan and live an experience like no other. Beaches Mazatlan images that you will never forget.


The Program


In Mazatlan, Sinaloa we offer you Spanish classes which are fun and very relaxed in this unique Pacific Ocean’s beauty. Instruction is given by qualified native teachers all year round.


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The Regular Program (3 hours daily) includes: 


* 3 hours - Spanish classes in a group or privately. Intensive grammar class with emphasis on speaking and writing.

- Functional class (for beginners)

- Role-playing situations of everyday life.
-Vocabulary expansion and other aspects of the language.
-Conversation classes on current events while visiting places of interest during the week.

Advantages in this program:

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* Entertaining class atmosphere
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Mazatlan, Sinaloa Spanish Program

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2022 Dates


The program is open all year round and classes normally start on Mondays but you may start any day of the week. Majority of students come during November and December. It is necessary to enroll online at least 3 weeks prior starting your program.


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Former Student's Quote


"My teacher Ana was absolutely wonderful, helpful, organized and worked with me on exactly what I wanted, for instance working with my customers who do not speak much English and being able to help them.  I HIGHLY recommend CICU Spanish Schools to anyone that is interested in learning Spanish on ANY level. I will definitely work with them again in the future. Thank you for EVERYTHING!! "


Prof. Carole Sharp - Aspen, Colorado; USA