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2020-2021 Prices in USD

Cuernavaca Program




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Registration                              $120 (yearly)
Intensive Spanish Program   $360 / weekly (6 hrs.day)

Teens Program                         $400 / weekly (6 hrs.day)

One-on-One Spanish              $600 /weekly (4 hrs.day)
Cost per hour                            $  35  (for a 50 min. class)


Online Lessons                       See packages




Homestay cost per night per person

Luxury private    $45 USD (companion $40 USD) *
Regular Private   $40 USD (companion $35 USD) *
Regular Shared   $35 USD *
Private room and NO meals $25 USD
Hotels from $50 to $550 USD


* Note: It includes 2 meals daily (breakfast and dinner). If you want accommodations within walking distance to school mention it wthin your message, limited availability. First come first served basis.





Half day excursions from $30 to $65 USD
One day excursions from $70 to $90



Transportation (From Mex.City' Airport to your Accomodations)


One way Private taxi  $120 /two people maximum
Private suburban        $400 /seven people maximum
Public shuttle (with escort)    $50 (one way)
Public shuttle (by yourself)    $16 (one way)



Local Transportation One way


Taxis from $3 to $6 USD
Minibuses 45 ¢ (USD cents)



Other expenses


Personal budget (daily) from $25 to $95 USD
Museum/pyramid sites entrance ticket from $4 to $6
Dinner downtown from $15 to $70
Coffee downtown from $3 to $5
Drinks (or beer) downtown from $3 to $5



Important Notice: Prices may change without prior notice. contact us for discounts that apply if you are coming with your family or a small group also if you stay more than 4 weeks. We regret not being able to accept credit or debit cards once you are in Cuernavaca only previous deposits made by Paypal or bank transfer. Read Terms and Conditions of Service.