Students Quotes


Program: Cuernavaca, Intensive Spanish for Professionals


CICU has a prime location quite neighborhood in downtown Cuernavaca close to markets, restaurants, and multiple sites of interest. The coordinator has a 'hands-on' approach to running the CICU program and his response to questions or needs is immediate. He and the instructors are real people who have a dedicated interest in the success and well being of their students. A weekly schedule blends culture, tours, and social activities into the curriculum to produce an appealing calendar of events for students. Classes are organized and run on time the Coordinator and the instructors can be flexible and allow for adjustments as needed.


Janet Schmidt. Director of Federal/Special Programs and Grants
Mason Independent School District
California, USA







Program: Cabo San Lucas, Baja California


"My teacher Ana was absolutely wonderful, helpful, organized and worked with me on exactly what I wanted, for instance working with my customers who do not speak much English and being able to help them.  I HIGHLY recommend CICU Spanish Schools to anyone that is interested in learning Spanish on ANY level. I will definitely work with them again in the future. Thank you for EVERYTHING!! "


Prof. Carole Sharp - Aspen, Colorado; USA






Program: Spanish for Business

My stay was very confortable and enjoyable because I could interact not only with family members but also with other foreign and Mexican students staying with my host family.
I was located near the city center so it was convenient to do shopping, etc. Teachers are very knowledgeable and I learned a lot about Mexican society and culture.
In addition to Spanish lessons I could visit museums and other city atractions and had lunch with my teachers....

Asako Maruyama - InterAmerican Bank - Tokio, Japan







Program taken: Learning Vacation


"My accommodations were very good. The host family was very nice to us and made me feel welcome.  I liked the fact that classes were taken in the home and I had a personal instructor. She was fabulous and gave me very good instruction by using good hands-on methods. I recommend the program to anyone interesting in learning or improving their Spanish. The coordinator and staff go out of their way to accommodate students.


Vicky Tettelbach, Ed.S. Gifted Program Teacher - Hopkins ES - Georgia, USA








Program taken: Regular Spanish Program

The past three weeks have been an experience of a lifetime. Not only did we (husband) and I greatly improve our Spanish, it provided us the opportunity to get to know our adopted country. (We are permanent residents of La Paz, BCS.)

Our expectations were exceeded. We visited Cortez's Palace and museum, the cathedral, the Borda Gardens, the Morelos Theater, The Robert Brady house and museum etc.

Louise Lanoy, Retired - Canada










I am very satisfied with the pace of the course and its content. I felt that the teachers adapted the program to my three week stay. Now I have a full perspective of the various tenses and verbs; this was my objective. My advice to future students: Come to Cuernavaca and enjoy. There is a good balance between introduction to the Spanish language and the Mexican Culture.

Louis Brunet - Retired - Quebec, Canada












CICU is a GREAT program for anyone who wants to learn Spanish, regardless of how much they already know. The staff is warm, flexible, and genuinely compassionate -- they really care about the well-being of their students! The classes are excellent for students of all levels and the trips are great. I cannot imagine a better way to learn Spanish!

Bret Polish - High School Teacher - California









Program taken: Intensive Spanish Course


"I enjoyed my time with the CICU program in Cuernavaca immensely. My two instructors were well prepared and tailored my instruction to my specific language capabilities. The grammar instruction was valuable, focusing on where I needed the most improvement. My afternoon discussion / cultural experiences were fun, informative, as well as instructional. I traveled around the city. Finally, the family with whom I stayed was very friendly and accommodating. I recommend the CICU program highly."


Samuel B. Hughes - Union Pacific - Nebraska, USA